Enter to Win Free Crypto

That’s right, you can win free Crypto just by doing the following two things.

Every page here at DeFi Sunday except this one has a little Twitter Button on it in the lower right hand corner of the page that floats as you scroll. When you click the button it will let you send a preset tweet about the page your are on. It also includes the Hashtag that we track for the Crypto Giveaways. The next drawing will be for 1,000,000 Coins. The winner will be contacted by Twitter Direct Message and a video of the drawing will be posted here.

Click here to send your first Tweet and get your First Entry to the next Giveaway on August 1st.

Here’s a video of a drawing from last October when we gave away 100,000 Coins. The price at the time is quoted in the video.

Week 4 M2 Giveaway October 20, 2021

Before every Crypto giveaway drawing we harvest all the tweets with the DeFi Sunday Hashtag.

Every tweet with that qualifying hashtag is 1 entry in the drawing. If you Tweet multiple pages you will get 1 entry for each one. You can comeback everyday and tweet again if you want to, but don’t Spam the tweets, it will be obvious and your tweets will be disqualified.

The Crypto we will be giving away will be selected from some of the coins we are holding. They will be tradeable if you wish to cash them out. There are no restrictions and no obligations whatsoever. Everyone is welcome to enter as many times as you like.

your business card is a crypto point of sale image

All you need to do next is click the Red X at the top of this page to close it then start by clicking the button to tweet the page you’re on and you’re on your way.

stoer open sign in window with crypto pos qr code

Thank you for visiting and good luck!

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